Keep user emails
under control

Automatic inventory of transactional emails.

Always up to date.
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Does your heart shrink whenever your users notify
you of an email that's broken in some horrifying way?

We'll help you avoid those "oh crap" moments. No more stray Lorem Ipsums, broken translations and, most importantly, funny lines left by developers. View all your transactional emails in one spot and fix glitches fast.

Is it email review season again?
It doesn't have to be the worst time of the year.

You want to check for consistency in tone and design, but it always takes you ages to do it. Well, don't worry, Midflight has you covered. You can see every single email, in all the languages you support, in all screen sizes that matter, in one place.

Ever get the nagging feeling that your users
are receiving emails that you didn't even know existed?

Midflight generates an always up-to-date inventory of every email your product sends. It even alerts you of new ones it finds so that you never get caught off guard again.
You'll finally be able to get a good night's sleep!

A designer, an engineer and a PM walk into a bar…
Conversation turns to the copy of the onboarding email.

Yikes, you don't remember it. You either have to go on a wild goose chase now or get back to it a few hours later after you had the chance to ask a developer to dig it up.
With Midflight, you can just pull it up in a second.

How it works

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Automatic inventory

Every transactional email you send is seamlessly added to your inventory of unique templates. Feel free to tag and rename them to your liking. Should a new template appear or one go missing, we'll alert you so you stay on the loop.

(Screen) Size matters

Design is hard. But designing emails is especially hard. You have to make sure they look good on all devices and in all sizes. We take screenshots of your emails on desktop, tablet and phone so you can be sure they look awesome everywhere.

Perfect localization

Do you know the word for matchbox in German? Streichholzschachtel. Yeah, we didn't know either. But we do know that it's important to check your emails in all the languages you support. Midflight helps you with that, too.


Let's be honest here. We're talking about you giving us a copy of all your correspondence with your users. Some of the emails will have private data and we take that very seriously. Midflight will remove all personal information before saving anything.

Track your trackers

Understanding where your email traffic is coming from is crucial. Hovering over any link visible in the screenshots gives you an instant breakdown of details such as its destination domain and all its UTM parameters.

Know your history

Not only can you see the latest version of any of your emails. You can also see their history of changes. Take a moment to appreciate how far you've come. Or maybe it's time to realize that you really shouldn't deploy on Fridays.


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Up to 100 different emails

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5 projects

Up to 500 different emails

Good support

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How are emails counted?
When we talk about emails, we mean the same as you do: templates. That is, if you only send users the "account confirmation email" and the "password recovery email", that counts as two emails in terms of usage; even if you shoot thousands of them everyday.

What's the difference between good support and really good support?
Response time, basically. With good support, we guarantee responses within a week. Really good support? No more than 48 hours. On the other hand, with bare bones support we don't make any promises, but don't worry; we're nice people and we won't forget about you.

Is it GDPR/CCPA compliant?
Yes, Midflight is compliant with both GDPR and CCPA. Our servers are located in EU territory and we don't sell any of your data to third parties. We also try our very best to remove all Personal Identifiable Information from the emails you send us before even saving anything to our servers. You can also add a bit of markup to your emails to force the removal of a particular piece of information.

Do you really need my production data?
We believe it's best to keep true to what your users actually see in production. But you're in charge here, just connect Midflight to your staging environment instead, or maybe build a custom CI pipeline to send us emails using test data.

Will adding a BCC address increase my email provider's bill?
Some email providers will charge extra for BCC addresses. Make sure to check whether that's your case. Either way, you can always send your emails straight to our API instead of using the BCC option.

Can I ask you something else?
Sure! Just send us an email to

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